Monday, December 20, 2010

Advantages and Disadvantages of cellphones

Advantages and disadvantages of Cell Phones

In today's modern world, people can have access to highly advanced technological devices to improve their daily lives. Cell phones were invented and have been changed all the time to meet the increasingly high demands of people for communication. It has changed our lives and has both advantages and disadvantages.
Mobile phones can cause negative effects on social life. Mobile phones can easily distract you from important conversations or exciting events in the social world. The lack of interaction with others because of cell phones has become the norm. Life used to be revolved around social interaction, like face to face conversations rather than just texting. Another huge issue these days is using cell phones while driving. Nearly 32 percent of men and 23 percent of women admitted to driving distracted while on a cell phone as of 2009.This can cause life threatening situations such as car crashes. Many people also live without land-line phones, so they depend on their cell phone for communication. However if their cell phone battery dies, they have no phone and no way to communicate.
However mobile technology has transformed the world in many good ways also. Unlike before when people would have to go to banks, or drive to different places to do business, these days they can do the same tasks online or through phone. With mobile e-mail and smart phones that have data programs, cell phones can now be used to conduct business from anywhere. Mobile technology also allows faster communication and better working flexibility. Cell phones and other mobile technology devices have created a way for people across the globe to easily stay in touch. The free time you create gives great opportunities to call an old friend or get some work done through a conference call. Cell phones have also helped with safety issues. As of 2009, about 71 percent of men and 77 percent of women have used their cell phones to assist them in an emergency situation. Parents can choose to give their children cell phones or mobile devices to allow easier communication. Also many cell phones now come with built-in GPS to make keeping track of their Childs location, a lot easier.
In conclusion, the invention of mobile phones has changed our lives, whether in positive or negative ways depending on how we use them. People should not overuse them so that they will not be vulnerable to phone addiction and also save money. However we can say that cell phones play an important in our life and we cannot deny that it has been helping us greatly.

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